JINNI Rubber Ring Donut Cushion with Pump

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Inflatable rubber ring doughnut cushion with a pump. Easy-clean durable flannel flocking over latex rubber. Comfortable and UV stable medical ring shape eases discomfort and relieves pressure after lower body surgery or stress. Easing pressure to reduce itching of sensitive haemorrhoids, anus, prostate, glands. Ease discomfort when sitting following postnatal delivery. Comprises 1 Piece Inflatable Donut Cushion with Air Pump.



  • EXCELLENT DESIGN - Inflatable soft ring cushion is designed to comfortably take your weight, thus relieving pressure  areas sore from Haemorrhoids, Tailbone and Coccyx Pain, Bed Sores, Perineal Pain, Post Child Birth, etc
  • EASY INFLATION - The ring cushion is fast and easy to inflate by mouth or with the included air pump. Other cushions are difficult to inflate so not as convenient to transport decompressed. The air pump is included in the simple compact carry bag, so you will always be able to inflate your cushion quickly and easily.
  • EXCELLENT CUSHIONING - The inflatable ring shape distributes body weight evenly without putting pressure on the perineum to help relieve pelvic, perineal and anal pain. This allows immediate effective pain minimisation and healing of the affected area.
  • COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE - The ring pillow allows the user to comfortably sit in one position for far longer than they would normally and can be used virtually anywhere! The soft fabric cover provides added comfort.
  • EFFECTIVE PAIN RELIEF - The ring cushion is a fantastic way for those suffering from anal pain, haemorrhoids, piles, pressure sores, ulcers and post/pre natal pregnancy care to remain comfortably seated.
  • SOFT DURABLE MATERIAL – The ring cushion is made from a super soft durable flannel flocking over rubberlike laytex, making the cushion both comfortable and more resistant to temperature, sunlight, drying and cracking.


  • Cushion Diameter: About 34cm / 14 Inches
  • Color: Red/ Green/ Blue
  • Material: nylon PVC with a flannel flocking


What's included:

  • 1 x inflatable ring cushion
  • 1 x pump (random colour)


  • Relieves pressure and provides comfort.
  • Evenly distributes weight, relieves pressure on sensitive areas.
  • Encourages better posture.
  • Inflates and deflates quickly and easily.
  • Product flexibility is good (can bear 60KG direct load)
  • Adapts to a wide range of body types.


  • The use of this product can be based on your own personal needs. It is recommended to only inflate half (Up to 50%) of the max capacity for best results of the decompression effect. WARNING. Do not fully inflate, will compromise the structural integrity of the cushion.


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