8ZED OWL 20W Work Light Rechargeable LED

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Flood Light LED rechargeable and portable. 2-year warranty. Energy-saving economical and built tough. Great for camping, fishing, boating, entertaining outdoors and as work lights. OWL 20W R range is dustproof and water-resistant. Extensive evaluation and trials confirmed the OWL series as a leading Rechargeable LED light.

A dual-input dc charger to suit 12v and 24v systems as well as the best battery available to allow the product to be light without reducing its performance. 

we are so confident that we offer a 2-year warranty as opposed to 3 months or 12 months others offer. so don't get caught in the dark with a look-alike inferior line. ask for 8zed owl r series with a 2-year warranty.

Features of the owl 30w rechargeable flood light:

Soft grip handle for those long walks along the beach.

Complete x-y axis adjustment to easily point in any direction when placed on any surface.

Lightweight rugged dust and water-resistant.

Powered by a built-in lithium battery which will give up to 6 hours use and recharges in 4~5 hours.

Tough industrial powder coating and stainless steel hardware for rust-free performance outdoors.

Glass facia protects the long life of 50,000 hours led from the elements.

Typically, the lighting brightness is measured by kelvin temperatures. for commercial and residential lighting applications lighting is between 2500k to 6000k.
the higher the degrees kelvin, the whiter the colour temperature. 

The three primary types of colour temperature for light bulbs are: 

- soft white led (2700k – 3000k) are considered warm light.
- bright white/cool white (3500k – 4100k)  cool light is preferred for visual tasks because it produces higher contrast
- daylight (4500k – 6500k). daylight is preferred for photography to give maximum definition and contrast to images 

owl 20w has 2 settings of 3000k and 4000k

owl-20w : 1.65 kg

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