JINNI Sitz Bidet Spray Portable - White

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Sitz Shattaf Bidet Spray Portable for use where a Sitz solution bag is not convenient. Gentler more hygienic than toilet paper. Fast Australian delivery 1-3 days. Effortlessly control the direction and flow control of solution to any targeted area of the lower body. An easy way to self-manage the treatment of hemorrhoid piles, post-partum maternity or lower body post-op conditions. Use in conjunction with a Sitz bath or standard toilet. Portable Sitz Bidet Spray combined with medical grade Epsom Salts or Herbal Angel infusions soothe inflammation, itchiness, anal fissures, rectal surgery, episiotomy, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel and infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina. Hospital and Reseller order bulk options please call WallCann.


Perfect for use with Sitz Bath & Shattaf for Haemorrhoids or a Sitz Bath Peri Wash for Maternity postpartum.

As an alternative to a solution bag, you can choose to use the hygienically designed Shattaf portable spray to cleanse and treat lower body conditions. This new Sitz Shattaf Bidet Portable Spray can be used with a Sitz Bath to treat maternity post-partum, hemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures, rectal surgery, an episiotomy, personal hygiene for the elderly, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel disease, and infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina. Easy and convenient to transport. Discreet, small enough to pop into handbag, backpack or luggage. Always ensure you use clean water and thoroughly clean unit with hot water and detergent after use. Spray nozzle, bottle and universal grommets designed to adapt to use with most plastic bottles are included.

Enables the elderly or those having problems getting in and out of baths to gently cleanse themselves

Easy to set up and use straight away. It's faster, more economical and easier compared to Running a full bath. Rethink your hygiene protocol, maintain your independence and modesty. Why not make it easier on yourself when bathing your lower regions. Carers of people with Alzheimer's may find this helpful as it may simplify the bathing process.

Sitz Bidet Portable Spray:

White Portable Bidet Portable Spray Dimensions: 80mm long35mm wide. (Spray head is 18mm in diameter.

Weighs just: 0.2kg with plastic bottle

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Pre-packed Natural Herb and Epsom Salts Infusion single application sachets also available 

  • Epsom salts for haemorrhoids and Herbal Infusion for postpartum.
  • Sealed zip lock single use Infusion sachets pre-measured for convenient solution bag application
  • Additional solutions bags available

Sitz Bidet Portable Spray Features

  • Fast shipping Australian owned and based
  • Save money on drawn-out recovery expenses 
  • Discrete Australian based strong plain packaging so it gets to you in top condition
  • Fast relief assists in recuperation
  • Clear easy to follow instructions
  • Easy to clean
  • Use anywhere
  • Rubber grommet adaptors supplied for secure use with most bottles
  • Long nozzle suitable for use with all toilets and sitz bath

How to use Portable Bidet Portable Spray

For Use at home:

Prepare herbal or Epsom salt infusion (see herbal sachet/Epsom salts online). Pour warm infusion into the bottle. Screw portable bidet spray nozzle on.
The portable bidet spray is now ready to use. Adjust the water flow of this handheld unit simply by squeezing the bottle. Clean with hot water

Use away from home:

Fill the bottle with clean water or premixed herbal /Epsom salt infusion and use.  Clean with hot water

WARNING: This product is designed for single patient use only. Caution: To avoid burns, the temperature of water used SHOULD NOT EXCEED - 43 degrees C (110 degrees F).

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