8ZED Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer

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Light weight Solar battery maintainer. Ideal to recharge battery in your car, RV, truck, boat or for multiple 12v device recharging around the home or camping.
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Solar Battery Maintainer - FREE SUN POWER

Maintains your car, boat or caravan battery, keeping it charged and ready for use, even when it is not used for months.

Keeps 12v batteries charged up on your cars, tractors or boats when on stand-by. 
Deliver 100mA @ 12v power to extend battery life and provide better battery maintenance, ready to turn that motor first time, every time.


When a battery is not in use for a long period it will slowly reduce in charge. This may permanently damage the battery's capacity or require it to be replaced prematurely. The N 0700 is a solar trickle charger for 12V lead acid batteries - as used in automobiles, boats and caravans. It is suitable for use in most applications where a 12V battery is used.


  • Connect either via cigarette lighter socket or battery crocodile clips
  • Suction cups for mounting inside car or boat windows
  • Provides a low level trickle charge to batteries when your car / boat is not used for long periods - ensuring battery life and capacity is not compromised
  • Operates under cloudy weather conditions
  • UV, rust and shock resistant
  • LED indicator
  • No maintenance required


  1. Put the suction cups onto the charger
  2. The charger can now be attached to the inside or outside of your car, boat or caravan. 
    NOTE: Tinted windows can reduce charger performance.
  3. Connect the output cable of the N 0700 to the appropriate connection - either battery clamp or cigarette lighter.
  4. An LED should now be blinking on the charger unit, showing that the unit is now providing charge to the battery.

The charger unit can also be wall mounted via the keyhole slots on the back of the unit. 
As long as there is sufficient sunlight available, the charger will produce an electrical current to trickle charge your battery. An inbuilt blocking diode ensures that the charger cannot flatten your battery, so the charger will not damage or overcharge your battery. When the voltage drops again over time, it will continue to top up the battery's capacity.

The N 0700 is not designed to charge batteries from a fully discharged condition.

In some vehicles the cigarette lighter may not operate when the ignition is turned off. In such cases, you can connent the N 0700 directly to the battery using the battery clamp connection lead provided. The Black lead indicates negative (-) and the Red lead indicates (+). Ensure you connect the correct lead to the correct battery terminal.

You must disconnect the charger from your cigarette lighter or battery when starting your engine or driving. Electrical surges from the car's operation may damage the unit.

Package Contains

  • Solar Panel Charger
  • Cigarette lighter adaptor lead (1.5m)
  • Alligator clips
  • Suction Cups for mounting to inside car windows


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