JINNI Sitz Bath Kit Deluxe FREE Solution bag

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Sitz bath for haemorrhoids and other disorders of the anal and genital areas with Free solution bag and flow controlled irrigation tube. The comfortable, convenient way to cleanse and promote healing of disorders of the perineum. Australian owned and based. Startrack provides overnight delivery to all capital cities, please allow 1-3 days elsewhere.
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Sitz Bath for Haemorrhoids and Maternity supplied with Free solution bag flow control

The Sitz bath is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids and other disorders of the anal and genital areas. JINNI MD sitz bath is the comfortable, convenient way to cleanse and promote healing of disorders of the perineum. Particularly beneficial after an episiotomy.

The Free solution bag with flow control valve allows you to irrigate and clean delicate areas. 

Designed to reach the anal and genital areas, including the entire perineal area.

Why buy a sitz bath from WallCann Australia?

-      Fast delivery (Express shipping available)
-      Australian owned and based.
-      Fast relief assists in recuperation
-      Easy to clean
-      Durable Polyethylene
-      Fits all standard toilets
-      Kink resistant tubing assures even flow
      Wide contoured edges for comfort
-      Solution bag may be hung above toilet or set on tank top
-      Convenient on/off valve to control flow
-      Tubing anchored by latch to bottom of bowl to control direction of flow
-      Vent prevents accidental overflow

How to Use a Sitz bath

1. Place the Sitz bath over the toilet, ensuring that it fits well and will not shift.
2. Fill the Sitz bath with warm water. Remember that the water temperature will feel cooler to your hands than it will to the rest of the body.
3. Your WallCann Sitz bath comes with a solution bag and a tube. The bag can be used by filling with water and hanging from a hook (in the hospital, typically an IV pole is used) that is higher than the toilet. A tube will Run from the bag into the Sitz bath to provide a continuous flow of water.
4. Use the clamp provided to stop the water.
5. Many Sitz baths are designed with a vent to prevent overfilling. The water will not overflow when you sit it in, but rather will empty into the toilet bowel. If using a solution bag, the water will Run continuously from the bag and out through the vents. If your sitz bath does not have a vent, be careful not to overfill it.
6. If your doctor has recommended it, add epsom salts to the water. The doctor may also recommended a number of herbal options designed to provide soothing relief and healing
7. Sit in the Sitz bath for 10-20 minutes, or as recommended by your doctor.
8. When finished, use a towel to gently pat the affected area dry.
9. Use your Sitz bath as often as recommended by your doctor; generally several times a day as needed to ease discomfort.
10. Wash your Sitz bath after each use and dry it thoroughly.

A Sitz bath can be purchased from WallCann online or from ILCMC shops. 

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