JINNI Portable Bidet With Soap Dish - strong and lightweight

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Portable bidet with soap dish is designed for personal hygiene on the move. Strong plastic white basin with soap dish fits onto most standard toilet seats to create the portable bidet. 5 litre capacity. NOTE - Allow 7 to 10 days for Delivery.


Strong plastic bidet basin with soap dish fits onto most standard seats to create the portable bidet - ideal for personal hygiene.

Soap dish is attached to the front of the bidet

Available in White

Easy to install and use

5 litre capacity so you can soak longer

Durable Design

Easy to transport, lightweight design

Made in the UK!


  1. Stay independent for longer! This portable bidet is deal for the elderly or those having trouble getting into a shower or bath and would rather bathe themselves.
  2. An effective way of cleansing when your leg or foot is in plaster, especially when your doctor has said not to get the plaster wet.
  3. Soak and soothe the pain of hemorrhoids and rectal issues away. We also stock Haemorrhoids Natural Soothing Infusion Sachets & Solutions Bags
  4. Suitable for new mothers or mothers to be - helps in the relief of aches and pains in combination with our our maternity sitz bath infusion satchets
  5. This item is sturdy, lightweight, strong and durable.
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