8ZED Projecta Manual 12V, 2700mA, 2 Stage Battery Charger

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The perfect home garage charger, automatic in operation, it can be turned on and forgotten about until the vehicle's next use. Charge 6V or 12V Batteries. Safely charge batteries- spark free and polarity protected.


  • Voltage Function: 12V Batteries
  • L.E.D Indicators: Displays charge status
  • Safer Charging: Spark free & Polarity protected.
  • Thermal overload protection


Product Details

  • Part No: MC400
  • Type: Manual
  • Input: 240VAC, 50Hz, 55W
  • Output: 2700mA @ 12V 
  • Approvals: Electrical Safety, EMC
  • Colour: Black

L.E.D Charge Indication:

  • Red Light On: Power On
  • Amber Light On: Charging
  • Green Light On: Fully Charged (Charger needs to be turned off)

Battery Charge Times:


                              Voltage          Battery-Size          Charge Time

Automotive                12V            Up to 550CCA           8-15 Hours

Marine                       12V           Up to 600MCA          10-20 Hours

Sendle Length 1
Sendle Width 1
Sendle Depth 1
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