RTF [IN-SI] Indemoll hollow wall anchor for use in hollow elements - Without screw

Size- (M6 x 37 Ø10) (100 pcs.)


  • Fixing air conditioning systems
  • Television devices
  • Frames
  • Furniture, etc.


[IN-SI] Indemoll hollow wall anchor without screw for fixings into hollow brick, hollow concrete and plasterboard.


  • Anchor for hollow elements as airbrick, dry wall, plaster wall, etc.
  • Maximum load in thin walls due to its expansion design.
  • Versions with Ph slotted recess screw, hexagonal head screw and without screw.
  • Easy, fast and controlled installation. Requires a special tool.
  • Previous installation or thought out the material to be fixed.
  • Available special pliers to use in difficult accessibility places.
  • After Installation screw can be replaced with another same metric size screw.


Installation Procedures

Sendle Length 1
Sendle Width 1
Sendle Depth 1
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