JINNI Haemorrhoids Natural Soothing Infusion Sitz Bath Sachet

Haemorrhoids Natural Soothing Infusion 1 Sachet Refill - use in conjunction with your sitz bath kit for haemorrhoids. Scroll down the page for information on how a Sitz Bath can help with Haemorrhoid Care. Natural Epsom Salts Infusion are 100% organic. Use with JINNI MD SITZ Bath Kit, this Epsom Salts bag is suitable for a 2 Litre infusion.

Natural Epsom Salts Infusion For use with JINNI MD SITZ Bath Kit – Epsom Salts bag suitable for 2L infusion.

Use Epsom Salts in your Sitz Bath for Haemorrhoid inflammation and pain relief

Sitz Baths are used to assist the natural restorative process following treatment of haemorrhoids.
Simply sit on the Sitz bath and use the flow from the solution bag to irrigate irritated or swollen rectal area. Soak your body regularly in Epsom Salt baths helps relieve inflammation and pain, which are both symptoms of haemorrhoids.;

Your Epsom Salts satchet in combination with your Sitz Bath will heal any abrasions or soreness that occurs when hemorrhoids get overly irritated.  Haemorrhoid sufferers will find that this annoying problem can be improved, making life more comfortable. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner.

What are haemorrhoids?

Haemorrhoid cushions are present in our anal canal within which lies a small network of blood vessels. These vessels can swell up under great pressure and strain, which is usually the case when a person becomes constipated and constant straining occurs. The swelling of blood vessels, either occurring within the anal canal, or outside, is referred to as the medical condition known as haemorrhoids. This is not a serious health problem and may be easily dealt with natural treatment methods.

Epsom Salt is actually not a salt, but a mineral compound in its purest form, with magnesium and sulphate being its main ingredients.  Both magnesium and sulphate are absorbed through the skin and hence has numerous health benefits when used in its natural form.  It is also used in beauty treatments as well as household and gardening applications.

Magnesium helps to regulate body enzymes that lessen hardening of blood vessels to help improve function of the muscles and nerve fibres. Also helps to decrease inflammation.

Sulphates can help in absorption of nutrients and eliminate toxic substances.

How to prepare your haemorrhoid sitz bath solution

  • Dissolve Epsom Salts bag in warm water. Each pre-packed bag is sufficient for Sitz Bath 2L (2000cc) solution.
  • Adjust the flow control on the solution bag tube to allow solution to gently Run over the rectal area for a 10 to 15 minute period.
  • Dry thoroughly afterwards and moisturize with aloe vera gel or baby oil or. 
    Do not use soaps after this soak, they can interfere with the action of the salts medicinal benefits.
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