8ZED Projecta Battery Charger - Automatic 24V, 3500mA, 2 Stage

Designed for maintaining 24V batteries found on infrequently used trucks, tractors and buses. Automatic in operation, it can be turned on and simply forgotten about, extending battery life and ensuring the vehicle is ready for next use.


  • Energy Efficient: Utilises a toroidal transformer delivering more efficient power than traditional transformer chargers.
  • L.E.D Indicators: Displays charge status.
  • Safer Charging: Spark free & Polarity protected.


Product Details

  • Part No: AC600-24
  • Type: Automatic
  • Input: 240VAC, 50Hz, 116Watt
  • Output: 3500mA @ 24V
  • Charge Control:  24V:   Cut Out: 28.4V : Cut In: 26.8V : Start: 15.0V
  • Approvals: Electrical Safety, EMC

L.E.D Charge Indication:

  • Red Light On: Power On
  • Amber Light On: Charging
  • Green Light On: Fully Charged & Maintaining (no need to turn charger off)

Battery Charge Times:


                              Voltage          Battery-Size          Charge Time

Automotive                24V               400-900CCA          Maintenance

Marine                       24V              450-1000MCA         Maintenance

Sendle Length 1
Sendle Width 1
Sendle Depth 1
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