8ZED Auto Battery Charger Switchable Multi-Current 240V AC to 12V DC

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GSL Multi Current Selectable 4 Stage Automatic Battery Charger
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This revolutionary battery charger eliminates
the need for a range of battery chargers

This unit provides a 4 stage fast and safe way of restoring discharged batteries and maintaining them: 

Battery Charging Stages:

Stage 1: Bulk Mode
Bulk charging current regulated to 30 amps is delivered into the battery being charged.
When the battery is 70% charged (approx 14.3V / 14.6V) the unit switches automatically to the next stage.  

Stage 2: Absorption Mode
A voltage of 14.3V is maintained until the current drops to a control point at which point it is brought up to 90% recharge.

Stage 3: Float Mode
Voltage is reduced to 13.3V / 13.5V  and kept at this level. The charger produces just enough current to maintain the battery at full capacity.

Stage 4: Pulse Mode
Refers to periodic low current pulse delivered to battery to ensure maximum battery life.

The BC240-1230-S unit is intended for 12V lead acid and calcium batteries 50AH-250AH. Not suitable to recharge non-rechargeable batters or non lead acid based batteries.


Bulk Charge Output DC: 14.5V /  15.5V

Float Charge Output DC: 13.5V / 14V

Max Output Current DC: 5A / 15A / 30A

Battery Requirement for start-up: 8V

Product Dimensions (mm): 250L x 160W x 60H

Packaging Dimensions (mm): 325L x 185W x 80H

Gross Weight: 2.4kg

Safety Protection includes: Over Temperature, Over Current, Short Circuit, Over Voltage, Reverse Polarity, Bulk Charge Time-Out

Cooling: via fan, load activated

Efficiency: greater than 85%

Warranty: 2 years from the date of original purchase under normal use.


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