8ZED PEEPO Solar LED Light with Motion Sensor

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Motion Activated LED Solar Light for doors, steps, porches, decks and shed with battery back up. Be sure be secure.

PEEPO-SOLAR Motion Activated Solar Light is perfect for doors, steps, porches, decks, sheds and outdoor areas.

The Motion Activated Solar Light has a built-in motion sensor, which automatically turns on the light when movement of a heat source (such as people, animals or cars) is detected in the area.

The light remains on while the object and motion continues to be detected in the area.

Energy Saving Benefits: 

  • The Motion Activated Solar Light also has a built-in photo-sensor so the light only triggers on when darkness falls
  • The Motion Activated Solar Light has a built-in Solar power panel
  • No need to change globes the 4 super bright LEDs have an estimated life of 30,000 hours, estimated 10 years at (estimated 8 hours useage every day)
  • LED powered by full Solar charge lasts up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • In high traffic areas Alkaline batteries AAA * 3 provide automatic back-up

NB: The Motion Activated Solar Light works best in temperature range between  5° C ~ 40° C

The Motion Activated Solar Light requires 3 AAA batteries. The batteries typically last up to 1 year under normal use.


LEDs : Super bright 4 LED
Material  : Plastic ABS weatherproof UV stable
Solar panel     : 5.5V~40mA

: 3.7V ~120mAh Lithium lon battery / Alkaline batteries AAA * 3

Solar Charger time : 8 Hours from Solar charge
Charger Indicator : RED LED (When solar charger)
Function switch   : ON / OFF / Auto for motion detect
Power ON Initial time : 2 min
Automatic light trigger : 35 second
Motion detection range : (5M) 15 feet , 130 degree detection radius
Light sensor : Disables sensor motion in normal daylight
Life time 

Light lasts up to 4 hours after full charge, after which the automatic battery back-up kicks in

Accessories  : Wall - Board mounting adhesive and screw set
Lifetime (System Service) : 2 Years
Dimension  : 101 (L) * 61 (W) * 48 (H) mm ± 1mm
Weight / Unit  : 67 g
Operating temperature  : -20° C ~ 45° C
Storage temperature : -30° C ~ 80° C
Sendle Length 1
Sendle Width 1
Sendle Depth 1
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