JINNI Sitz Bath for Maternity with Herb Infusion 5 sachet pack

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Sitz Bath portable bidet and 5 sachets Post-Partum Natural Soothing Infusion refill 100% organic. Fast delivery. Superior relief post-partum or following lower body operation. Run solution from infusion bag over the inflamed area into Sitz bath. Buy Australian avoid hidden overseas fees. Tough resilient polymer, shipped in a sturdy recyclable box. Economic and easy clean design. Soothes inflammation, haemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures, rectal surgery, episiotomy, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel and infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina.

Sitz Bath Kit with 5 sachets angel herbs for maternity. Post-Partum Natural Soothing Infusion Refill

SITZ BATH Superior Kit

Jinni MD TM Sitz Bath portable bidet Free solution bag and 5 sachets angel herbs, a superior kit for the relief of discomfort and pain in the lower part of the body. 

Conditions treated:

 Maternity-related - post-partum, haemorrhoids (piles), anal fissures, rectal surgery, an episiotomy, uterine cramps, inflammatory bowel disease, and infections of the bladder, prostate or vagina.  

  • Sitz Bath kit SITZ-BR comprises: Sitz bath, graduated bag, adjustable flow control clamp, kink resistant tubing, tough plain shipper box
  • High quality toughened polymer Sitz bath has superior strength, longer lasting and easy to clean
  • Post-Partum 5 sachets. Each sachet is sufficient for Sitz Bath 2L (2000cc) solution. 

JINNI Sitz Bath Features:

  • Fast shipping Australian owned and based
  • Save money, discrete Australian based strong plain packaging so it gets to you in top condition
  • Fast relief assists in recuperation
  • Clear easy to follow instructions for use
  • Durable toughened Polymer light weight but tough manufacture
  • Fits all standard toilets
  • Kink resistant tubing assures even flow from solutions bag
  • Wide contoured edges ensure comfort in use
  • Solution bag may be hung above toilet or set on tank top
  • Convenient on/off Valve
  • Tubing anchored by latch to bottom of bowl to control direction of flow
  • Side venting to prevent accidental overflow
  • Additional solutions bags available
  • Epsom for haemorroids and Herbal for post partum Infusion bags available

Postpartum Care

Herbal Infusion to Sooth Your Perineum for use with JINNI MD SITZ Bath Kit – Postpartum Blended Herbs bag suitable for 2L infusion.

Sitz Baths are often used to assist the natural restorative process following birth. By simply sitting on it you can use the flow from the solution bag to irrigate swollen areas. Sore and swollen perineum following birth is common and you will need tender loving care. Here are ways to care for yourself during postpartum. Discuss what is best for you with a qualified medical practitioner.

Sitz Baths can feel good and provide relief to a sore perineum. 

Suggested Sitz Bath application is three times a day

Herbal infusions are ideal for either a cold or warm Sitz bath. When doing a Sitz bath, take a book, a magazine, your smart phone or whatever will help you sit there for 10 - 15 minutes.

  •  A warm Sitz bath is good if you are sore but not swollen. A warm Sitz bath while still swollen can draw more blood to that area and can keep you swollen longer.
  •  A cold Sitz bath works wonders if you are still swollen as it will help reduce the inflammation. For a cold water Sitz bath, keep your herbal infusion cool in the refrigerator. If it’s too cold for you, just add a little warm water, but be sure that it’s still cool so you don’t turn it into a warm Sitz bath.

JINNI MD SITZ Bath and JINNI MD Postpartum Herbal Infusion solutions are used by medical practitioners to assist healing and postpartum perineum care. Together they reduce swelling and ease discomfort of tears or cuts. The infusion will help to rebuild the sore and wounded tissues and also will help prevent infections.

JINNI MD Herbal Infusion each pre-blended infusion bag is sufficient for 2L (2000cc) solution comprising:

  • Comfrey root high allantoin content for faster cell regeneration and healing
  • Yarrow treats external wounds and infections by promoting better circulation
  • Calendula flowers to mitigate pain and inflammation promoting healing of wounds and ulcers
  • Echinacea root to fight infections

How to mix the Herbal Infusion for sitz bath

1. Simply add Postpartum Infusion Herb bag to a 2L pot of simmering water.
2. Stir and cover the pot (don’t let your herb goodness evaporate).
3. Let the herbs infuse in the pot for at least 1 hour.
4. Store the prepared postpartum solution in the Sitz Solution bag ready for your Sitz bath.
5. Place into refrigerator and store.
6. Adjust to desired temperature required prior to use.

How to prepare the Sitz Bath

1. Raise Toilet lid and seat.
2. Place Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath basin on toilet bowl with “front” designation towards the front of the bowl.
3. Fill Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath with warm water (38 – 40 degrees C or 100 – 105 degrees F) half to two thirds full.
4. Insert Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath tube from the douche bag through to the front or the rear entry hole in the Sitz Bath basin.
5. Snap or secure the Sitz Bath tube into channel in basin bottom.

Bag Preparation:

1. Position flow control clamp towards Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath bag.
2. Using clamp, close tubing by sliding clamp over tube from wide to narrow side.
3. Open top of the bag and fill with hot water (38 – 40 degrees C or 100 – 105 degrees F)
4. Place or hang bag above Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath.


1. Sit in Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath for 10-15 minutes.
2. To maintain water temperature in the basin, adjust the flow rate from the douche bag by sliding clamp on the tube from narrow to wide side. (Overflow water will drain through the openings at the back of the Jinni MDTM Sitz bath basin).
3. Once desired temperature is reached, close the clamp by sliding clamp over tube from wide to narrow side.
4. After treatment, empty and rinse the basin.

Use your Jinni MDTM bath as often as recommended by your doctor; generally several times a day as needed to ease discomfort.

Jinni MD Sitz Bath - Contents:

Sitz bath basin
Solution douche bag
Tubing with flow control clamp
Gross weight including shipper box approx.: 0.7kg

Jinni MDTM Sitz Bath Cleaning:

1. Empty remaining water into the toilet.
2. Rinse Jinni MDTM Sitz bath with hot water.
3. Wipe very well and dry it thoroughly.
4. Replace back into a plastic bag to prevent contamination.

WARNING: This product is designed for single patient use only.
Caution: To Avoid burns, temperature of water used SHOULD NOT EXCEED - 43 degrees C (110 degrees F).

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