8ZED 600W Pure Sine Inverter Charger 24V To 240V Cameleon

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8ZED Cameleon 600W 24V Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Charger with Automatic Switching between AC and DC for UPS performance. Built for smooth automated 2 way switching between power modes, from DC to simultaneously Run and also recharge from AC. Versatile, mobile and easy to use. 2 Year Warranty and C-Tick Approved.
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24v pure sine wave inverter charger with automatic power switching.

the 8zed cameleon is a power inverter charger that switches automatically from dc battery power to simultaneously Running and charging from ac mains power. this eliminates having to remember to decouple the inverter and reconnect to a charging device. with the 8zed inverter you have an uninterrupted power supply (ups), charger and automatic change over switch all integrated into a single clever device. 

the 8zed cameleon inverter chargers are commonly used in utilities, trailers, campers and caravan installations. the key feature being when out roaming the unit powers from the batteries, just like any conventional inverter. but when you return to base or caravan park is where it gets interesting! with the 8zed cameleon all you need to do is plug into mains, the inverter automatically changes over to charging mode and ensures the batteries are recharged. uninterrupted power will still continue to pass though the inverter so all mains devices can still be used. (it's called a "hot swap", meaning no additional plugging unplugging required). 

then when you ready to go roaming again and the mains is disconnected, the charger shuts down and the inverter switches to battery power to continue supplying uninterrupted power to your devices. 

so you really save money and time. no more manual change over switches (~$30.00 savings), no need for a separate battery charger generator (~$200.00 savings) and best of all, no need to remember to connect and disconnect when going from stationary or mains onto roaming.

 2 year warranty 
8zed cameleons are pure sine wave power inverters with a 2 year warranty and carry the required c-tick labelling to indicate compliance with australian regulations.

acma registration number: 8zed - e3780 

this quiet Running, robust and reliable 24v model dc to ac inverter charger connects to standard australian 3 pin, 10a electrical devices of up to 600 watts. with the 8zed cameleon 600w pure sine wave inverter charger you can quickly and easily power a whole range of household appliances, anywhere, anytime.

the 8zed cameleon 600 watt pure sine wave inverter charger can be used anywhere you can take your vehicle. this nicely compact unit is suitable for storing under your seat or in your boot. ideal for people on the move, who require a mobile office or are involved in outdoor work or entertainment.

key Features

the 8zed 600 watt pure sine wave inverter charger has  inbuilt safety systems, designed to monitor the following conditions: 

  1. low & high battery alarm , low & high battery shut down 
  2. overload & output short circuit protection 
  3. over temperature 
  4. reverse polarity protection
  5. led indicator showing power status & fault
  6. ups transfer time : 20ms
  7. three stage automatic battery charger


  • sensitive electronic equipment
  • computers/laptops
  • some power tools; including drills, sanders, orbital polisher's, angle grinders
  • lights
  • fans
  • small tv's
  • dvd/vcr players
  • vacuum cleaners
  • radios
  • game consoles (i.e. playstation 2, xbox, xbox 360 etc)
  • small fridges (allow 2-6 times the power required. for more information, please refer to the faq's)
  • also note hot air guns @1600w will consume 2500w beofre they reach optimum temperature

please note: some electrical appliances (such as power drills, refrigerators, power tools, pumps, compressors, cooking appliances etc) often need more power than what they specify.


version 24v dc
Input Voltage:  21-30vdc
Output Voltage:  230v ±3% ac
output frequency:  50 ± 3hz
continuous power output:  600w
peak output power:  1200w
output waveform:  pure sine wave
idle draw:  <0.90a
ac regulation:  3%
efficiency:  90%
operating temperature:  -1°c → 50°c
low Input Voltage warning:  21.0±1.0v
low Input Voltage shut down:  19.0v±1.0v
high Input Voltage shut down:  31.0v±1.0v
maximum charger current 8.0a
reverse polarity protected yes


  • dimensions: 390 x 226 x 87 (mm)
  • weight: 4.9kgs


  • 1x positive & 1x negative terminal to terminal connection cable
  • 1x grounding cable
  • 1x instruction/specification booklet

nb: cameleon not to be confused with chameleon. the 8zedtm product name cameleon is a phonetic adaptation of chameleon. "cam" is ’s 8zedtm computer automated management. cameleon represents the fact that the inverter reconfigures its operation automatically sensing the need to switch between different power environments ie: between ac and dc .  so 8zedtm cameleon is an engineered design used to Run appliances from either ac or dc power sources, switching automatically from one to the other. in addition, 8zed cameleon automatically recharges dc batteries simultaneously while Running on ac power. 

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